Used Palamides Alpha 500 plus

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Reference KA99761
Manufacturer Palamides
Type Alpha 500 plus
Year 2010
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The Palamides Alph has been developed as a universal delivery for the processing of folds, especially signatures. The products are collected by the machine, stacked and the cleanly shaken piles are delivered to a storage table. The operator removes the shaken stacks from the delivery table, ergonomically favorable, and does not have to bump the products anymore. This means that the performance of the folding machine can be fully exploited even after several hours of production without fatiguing the operator. The alpha is free of marking, which means no smearing of freshly printed products. In order to reduce set-up times, the machine is largely automatically adjusted. The pressing station can be opened at the push of a button, which considerably simplifies the cleaning of the press rolls and the removal of double sheets.


  • Delivery mode: Automatic delivery
  • Type: Alpha 500 plus
  • Air blast device

Technical Details

  • Sheet size min: 80 x 95 mm
  • Performance: 900 stack / h
  • Infeed height max: 160 mm
  • Infeed height min: 3 mm
  • Infeed size max 1 up: 510 x 330 mm
  • Infeed size max 2 ups: 235 x 330 mm (optional)
  • Infeed size max 3 ups: 150 x 330 mm (optional)
  • Mechanical speed max: 205 m / min

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