Müller Martini Collibri

Used Book Block Processing machine for sale

Reference AW46494
Manufacturer Müller Martini
Type Collibri
Year 2014
Impressions 5 mil.
Status in production
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The Collibri Backgluing Machine enables sewn book blocks to be glued off and lined with ultimate versatility – a wide range of formats and gluing methods is available – all with exceptional book quality. In line with current market trends the Collibri is positioned for economical production of large as well as small runs. The result is a highly automated machine with extremely short set-up times.


Nipping and smashing press

  • Type: Muller Martini RPM fully Automated with Amrys
  • Pressing stations: with 3 pairs of pressing discs for nipping the book block in the joint area
  • Automatic format adjustment together with a Collibri

Technical Details

  • Year: 2014

End sheet pasting

  • Type: Muller Martini VBA Endsheet feeder fully automated with Amrys
  • Automatic Size adjustment when connected to Collibri
  • Book thickness measurement
  • Block height monitoring
  • Chain deviation
  • 2 flat pile feeder with missing / double sheet detector and rapid pile guide adjustment
  • Pressing device with vacuum-assisted suction and pressing belts
  • PVA Nozzle Gluing VBA

Technical Details

  • Year: 2012

Back gluing and back lining

  • Type: Muller Martini Collibri
  • Hotmelt spine gluing station
  • integrated fume exhaust
  • Robatech hotmelt unit, 80 l, melting capacity 70 kg/h with heated hose and level control
  • PVA Side gluing station
  • Integrated Pressing Station with 1 Pair of nipping rollers


  • Type: Solema IR Drying belts

Book tilting station

  • Type: Lay-Down element NR/L to the left