Used Kolbus BF 530

Book Production machine for sale

Reference AF23397
Manufacturer Kolbus
Type BF 530
Year 2012
Impressions 2 MM
Status in production
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The Kolbus BF 530 is the fastest hardcover book production machine with up to 70 cycles/min. It has a lot of features which make it very operator friendly. Use the unique opportunity to get the latest technology for an economical price.


Basic Book Line

  • System: Kolbus BF 530
  • Preloading conveyor
  • Elongated infeed with preheating
  • Backing and Rounding unit
  • Ribbon suction and gluing device
  • Spine gluing unit with premelter
  • Headbanding station
  • Case feeder with magazine and preloading belt
  • Case forming station
  • Casing-in unit
  • Hotmelt Nozzle Gluing for folding gluing at the EMP
  • Viscositycontrol
  • Kolbus Book joint forming and pressing



  • Type: Kolbus DS 392.A
  • Year: 2012

Technical Details

  • Mechanical speed max: 70 cycles/min
  • Block size max: 280 x 375 x 80 mm or 305 x 375 x 30 mm
  • Book size min: 100 x 100 x 2 mm