Used Bograma BS Multi 450 Servo

Inline Punching Machines machine for sale

Reference VV74447
Manufacturer Bograma
Type BS Multi 450 Servo
Year 2009
Status in stock
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Automatic cut, punch, hole-punch and perforating machine for inline or standalone operation.
The BS MULTI punch machine opens up a broad spectrum of subsequent finishing possibilities for folded, stitched and perfect-bound products.
Booklets, advertising supplements, instruction manuals, package inserts and calendars are typical products that can be produced in one-up or multiple-up mode.
Inline configuration with a saddle stitcher or folding machine is the most efficient way of carrying out multiple operations such as cutting, punching, perforating, hole-punching and shape punching in one operation.


  • Machine No.: 347/09
  • Perforation tools

Technical Details

  • Size max: 400 x 450 mm
  • Performance: max 10,500 cycles/h
  • Size max (cutting): 220 x 450 mm
  • Size min (cutting): 35 x 60 mm
  • Size max (steel strip cutting): 210 x 400 mm
  • Thickness max (cutting): 5 mm
  • Thickness max (steel strip cutting): 2 mm
  • Thickness max (perforation): 2 mm
  • Thickness max (hole punching): 5 mm
  • Conveyor velocity: 20 - 120 m/min