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Reference XW87229
Manufacturer ATS
Type US 2000 TRS-L
Year 2011
Status in stock
Attachments  US-2000_TRS-L
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The US-2000 TRS-L banding machine with an extra long conveyor transfers the product-stacks (one- or two-up) of the upstream-machine and pushes the stacks till the product stopper. Before banding, the stacks will be pressed and centred on all sides.


  • Serial number: BTA727/4 V5B17063
  • Product centering

Technical Details

  • Width: 750 mm
  • Height: 1.800 mm
  • Length: 1.350 mm
  • Band width: 30 mm
  • Output height: 820 - 920 mm
  • Mechanical speed max: 12 - 45 m/min