Used Müller Martini Bolero

جهاز تجليد تجاري machine for sale

رقم المرجعي YK22774
المصنع Müller Martini
الموديل Bolero
سنة 2005
عدد ساعات العمل 25.000 ساعة
الحالة في طور العمل
الحصول على عرض


The Muller Martini Bolero Perfect Binder is an all-round machine designed to handle a wide range of books magazines and catalogues. Running at speeds up to 8000 cycles and equipped with 31 clamps the Muller Martini Bolero excels across a vast range of book sizes with full automation and short change over times.


آلات تجميع

  • نوع: 3693
  • تجميع: 27x
  • Hand feeding station
  • ASAC
  • Reject Unit: 3614

جهاز تجليد تجاري

  • نوع: Bolero 3028-31
  • Number of clamps: 31
  • infeed incl. coupling to a ZU gathering
  • Milling station
  • Hotmelt spine gluing
  • Preparation for 2nd Hotmelt Spine Glue
  • Hotmelt side gluing
  • Cold glue: Spine Glue
  • Premelter for hotmelt spine gluing
  • Premelter for hotmelt side gluing
  • rill station for 4 times rill
  • Cover feeder: Drum cover feeder
  • Nipping and Pressing station
  • 2nd Nipping and Pressing station
  • lay down device
  • High Frequncy Drying: Strayfield

Drying Conveyor

  • conveyor belts

مقص ثلاثي السكاكين

  • نوع: Müller Martini Merit S
  • Control panel: Touchscreen
  • automatic size adjustment
  • Infeed direction: Infeedbelt from right


  • نوع: Müller Martini CB 16
  • Output direction: على اليمين وعلى اليسار

مواصفات فنية

  • Mechanical Speed: 8,000 books/hour
  • Book thickness: 80 mm